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After the first edition in 2019, the Venice Boat Show postpones the 2020 event: already at work for the 2021 appointment.

Due to the persistence of the Covid-19 epidemic and the recent measures that all Countries in the world have been adopting to block international travel, it has been decided to postpone the event to the 2021 edition.

The venue is the Arsenale of Venice, the symbol of the “Serenissima” Republic power and military prowess, and heart of its naval industry. An incomparable, historical context in the center of Venice, consisting of 50.000 sq. metres water basin, 30.000 sq. metres of outdoor exhibition area and 10.000 sq. metres of indoor pavilions completed with over 1.500 linear meters of water pontoons able to accommodate more then 250 boats.

Several possibilities are reserved for partners and for all those interested in attending the event.

The Venice Boat Show is promoted by the City of Venice and realized through Vela spa company, in collaboration with the Italian Navy.

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