Ve.La S.p.A. will strive to ensure that the events it is involved in during the year, held in the city of Venice, have an increasingly positive impact from a social, economic, environmental and occupational health and safety point of view.

The introduction of a sustainable event management system (in compliance with the ISO 20121:2012 standard) is an opportunity for Ve.La to raise awareness, not only of the city, but of all the people who take part in the organization of the various events, about sustainable development.

With this in mind Ve.La. S.p.a. undertakes to:

  • Respect the fundamental principles of sustainable development;
  • To manage each event with the utmost involvement towards all the participating players, with integrity and transparency;
  • Raise the awareness of participants in the event on the subject of environmental, economic and social sustainability;
  • Ensure compliance with current regulations on the environment, health and safety at the workplace;
  • Involve the stakeholders in the same perspective of enhancing the territory with a sustainable participation during the events, guaranteeing them an effective communication of their principles;
  • Promote a winning strategy with a view to reducing the production of waste;
  • Better manage the natural resources;
  • Promote the local economy and employment.

These principles will inevitably be reflected for each Event managed in a sustainable manner through a Policy which will be defined and signed on a case-to-case basis.