Venice Boat Show 2021


Seat of the Exhibition is the ARSENALE, a symbol of the “Serenissima” Republic power and military prowess, the heart of its naval industry

An incomparable, historical context in the centre of Venice, made of a water basin (50.000 sq metres) and pavilions, with approximately 10.000 sq metres of space.

Here are the details of the spaces available to exhibitors.

The water basin:

  • 50.000 sq metres for exhibitions on water
  • More than 1.500 meters of wharfs and piers
  • More than 250 moorings
  • More than 250 ground-standings
  • 13.000 sq metres for trials on water

The exhibition areas:

  • 10.000 sq metres for indoor exhibition
  • 30.000 sq metres for open air exhibition

Exhibition in the water basin (Darsena Grande):

  • Area «Piazzale della Campanella»
  • Exhibition of historical, militar and traditional Venetian boats

Exhibition in the water basin (Darsena Grande):

Main Yacht Riviera
Exhibition moorings for boats from 10 up to 35 metres length
Equipment: electricity, water
Possibility to set up a reception desk and a hospitality area

Fiera Open Air

Ground exhibition for boats under 10 metres length
Equipment: electricity, water
Possibility to set up a reception desk and a hospitality area

Indoor exhibition: Tese delle Nappe

These are three very large adjoining areas with a total of 3.500 sq metres. They have been fully restored, with a total respect for the original architectural structure, promoting the bright, wide vaults, which are characteristic of the spaces. The construction of these three awe-inspiring areas began in 1525, along the northern wall of the Arsenal during the development of the “Arsenale Novissimo”. Constructed as “water vaults” (aquatic work-sites), they maintained such characteristics, up and until landfilling, begun in 1880.

Modular stands starting from 6 sq metres up to 128 sq metres.
Equipment: electricity 1,5kw, standard furniture

Le altre aree:

  • Ristoranti and bars
  • Discovery and relaxation area
  • “Voga alla veneta” rowing area
  • Exhibitions by Biennale Arte 2019
  • Venues for meetings and events
Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor at the Salone Nautico Venezia 2019 Boat Show? Find out more from the dedicated section

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